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Mel & Michelle- Good restaurants in Tel Aviv

Mel & Michelle- Restaurants in Tel Aviv


Mel & Michelle- Good restaurants in Tel Aviv



Many people are asking for good restaurants in Tel Aviv. Well, in order for a place to be considered as the best, it has to relate to the local specialties. In Tel Aviv, however, it will be only appropriate to point out an Italian place as one of them. ‘Mel & Michelle’ – An Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv, was opened in 2010 by chef Nir Wayman who wanted to create a new and unique ambiance at Ben Yehuda street, and opened a good Italian restaurant, modern, yet holds many traditional flavors.

It surely fits the list of the best Italian restaurants in Tel Aviv: high quality food, self-made pasta, fresh ingredients, fantastic flavors and great indoor design and atmosphere.

Any pasta lover will be thrilled by what Mel & Michelle has to offer: traditional 40 yolks pasta with a taste that fills your heart, fresh and precise seafood, and tender meat, as well as great dishes for vegetarians.

Mel & Michelle restaurant is blending in perfectly with the liveliness of Ben Yehuda Street and it’s very much recommended to make reservations beforehand because of its popularity. With the great atmosphere, design and soft music in the air, and of course the great food, you are heading towards a great meal and a unique sense of Italy. Once there, you know you are in a good restaurant in Tel Aviv!

The wine list was carefully thought of, as for each dish you will find the perfect match. Wines are priced from 100.00 to 380.00 NIS, per bottle.

Starters range from 38.00 to 52.00 NIS.

Dinner entrées range from 18.00 to 98.00 NIS.

We are open Sunday through Thursday from 19:00 to 24:00. Friday 18:30 AM to 24:00 AM, Saturday: from 19:00 to 24:00. Reservations are made after 14:00.

All Major credit cards accepted.

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