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Mel & Michelle- Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Mel & Michelle- Restaurants in Tel Aviv


Mel & Michelle- Restaurants in Tel Aviv



The City of Tel Aviv is renowned for its superb food that is influenced by every country and region. As such, Tel Aviv is particularly known for its love for Italian food; ‘Mel & Michelle’ stands out as a quaint and intimate pearl in a sea full of Italian establishments.

‘Mel & Michelle’ restaurant was opened in 2006 by chefs Nir Wayiman, who wanted to create a new and unique ambiance at Ben Yehuda Street, and definitely succeeded.

The chef is a great believer of a fresh, seasonal food and therefore is changing the menu accordingly. Private import of the best raw materials from Italy and handpicked fresh produce, one cannot ignore the tangible flavor of each dish. As for the place itself- the combination of a soft atmosphere and cozy feeling makes Mel & Michelle a great choice for a romantic date, or a quiet business dinner. The menu is Northern Italian and features pasta, veal, beef, seafood, and salads.

Mel & Michelle makes good, authentic, Italian food in fairly sized portions, featuring “new” Regional Italian cuisine, spiced up in a Mediterranean style and flavor.

The wine list was carefully thought of, as for each dish you can find the perfect match. Wines are priced from 100.00 to 380.00 NIS, per bottle.

 ”Pate a choux”.

Starters range from 38.00 to 52.00 NIS.
Dinner entrées range from 18.00 to 98.00 NIS.
We are open Sunday through Thursday from 19:00 to 24:00. Friday 18:30 AM to 24:00 AM, Saturday: from 19:00 to 24:00. Reservations are made after 14:00.
All Major credit cards accepted.

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